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Apr 10

6 Year Follow Up Marketing Plan

I found some interesting statistics.  Did you know that over 80% of people who buy a house don’t remember their agents name after 2 years?  Or how about that over 90% of agents don’t have any contact with their clients after closing?  That amazes me!  I always want to help my clients get more business so here it is.  I have developed a marketing plan to follow up with my client’s clients for 6 years after closing.

Most of us found ourselves in the real estate world because we have a passion for it. I want to let your clients know how much you really appreciate their trust in you. For most people their home is their largest purchase and investment in their lifetime. It is an exciting, scary, stressful and at the end a huge relief and one of the happiest times in their life. And you were there for them during that insane roller coaster ride. I’m sure they also appreciated you for that. So let’s keep your name fresh in their mind so you will get their repeat business and referrals. I want to offer you my 6 Year Follow Up Marketing Plan for FREE. Really..Absolutely Free.
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