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Aug 27

Are You Wired Into This Fall’s Real Estate Trends?

Buyer, seller, investor or real estate or mortgage professional
being wired into emerging market trends is critical to your success. So what’s
going on with Michigan real estate this fall?

There are always seasonal micro and macro housing market cycles to
take into consideration but this fall brings even more elements together than
normal which will affect the best times to buy, sell and market real estate.

So what are they?

  • Fannie Mae announced it is tightening mortgage underwriting guidelines in October
  • The election is causing much uncertainty and holding back capital until November
  • Stock market analysts and financial advisors are recommending ditching stocks
  • Short sale payouts to exiting homeowners expire in December
  • Tax benefits for those completing short sales to expire in December
  • Real estate is anticipated to be one of the hottest gift items for fall/ winter 2012

What does this all mean to you?

For MI home sellers this means a short window of opportunity to
get homes on the market and sold or at least under contract in the coming
weeks. More buyers could be restricted from buying after Fannie Mae’s new rules
go into effect in October and no one loves closing at the end of the year so
don’t hesitate.

For home buyers the upcoming holiday season can mean less
competition as others get caught up and distracted with football season,
parties and gift shopping, making it a great time to cut a fantastic deal on a
home, especially with sellers under such pressure.

For real estate investors, agents and mortgage professionals the
next few weeks are critical for marketing to catch the lion’s share of clients
as buyers and sellers rush to beat deadlines, new capital flows into the market
after the election and from year-end bonuses and with how attractive real
estate is to give as a gift this year.

The time to set up a successful end of year is now by preparing marketing materials
and launching campaigns which will grab customers first. Of course with the
mayhem which breaks out on the back-end of the real estate business during the
holidays make sure those closings are scheduled as early as possible and make
sure to have a top notch local Michigan title agent on your side who will pull
through for you and can pick up the slack from underwriters to make sure you
have a great holiday season too.


Aug 25

Hot Real Estate Marketing Tips For 2013

Are you prepared to win at marketing in 2013?

What real estate marketing trends will be the
most important for winning the most business as we break into the New Year?

You can’t afford to wait to start working on your
strategy, making the right hires and developing the materials you need to win.
You need to be 6 months ahead…

6 real estate marketing trends you need to be
on top of:

1. Email

Email marketing may not be new but it is
actually growing in importance and value to real estate professionals,
especially with the new inclusion of email results in Google searches.

2. Content

Content remains the single most important
marketing medium for real estate agents, mortgage pros and investors. The
quality of content makes all of the difference in outbound campaigns and with
consumers increasingly tired of being bombarded by advertising good content has
quickly become the number one differentiating factor between those who win at
inbound marketing and converting the most prospects.

3. Mobile Apps

With this fall expected to be a record season
for tablet and smartphone sales and new devices like the iPhone 5, Surface and
mini iPad coming mobile coming out this is a crucial time to lock customers
into your mobile apps. It will soon be a matter of whoever has their apps on
devices that will retain the most clients.

4. Video

With video now more easily viewed on mobile
devices and the search engines rewarding real estate websites with better
rankings for having video it will continue to become more important.

5. Going Virtual

Thanks to technology it is now a lot easier
for consumers to shop for homes and meet with professionals before making the
trip and more are choosing this option not just to save money but to save their
precious time. Those real estate pros who utilize the latest tech to connect
with prospects face to face over the web and capitalize on the ability to shave
overhead and deliver more dynamic presentations via virtual open houses and
virtual home staging will come out on top.

6. Foreign Buyers & Investors

With mortgage loans becoming even tougher to
come by and the U.S. economy continuing to struggle it is foreign home buyers
and investors who will increasingly make up the slack and come in with cash to
buy Michigan real estate. Those who get good at reaching these prospects and
tailoring their marketing to them will come out ahead quickly. Think attending
overseas property shows, partnering with lead courses abroad and having local partners
who can back you up with the services they need such as tax advice, company
formation and U.S. banking like My Coordinator LLC.


Aug 17

How to Protect Yourself When Selling Your MI Home without a Realtor

Selling a home without hiring a real estate agent can be an attractive option for many Michigan homeowners but it also brings its risks and challenges. How can you ensure you remain safe and find a reliable buyer who won’t turn the transaction into a nightmare?

The desire to avoid paying hefty real estate agent commissions which can make selling a home virtually impossible in this market is perfectly understandable as well as how burnt out and untrusting of Realtors many homeowners are. However, trying to navigate the process of selling your home in Michigan in the current market without any professional help at all may not be a wise move either.

The Challenges & Dangers of For Sale By Owner Real Estate

For a start there can be real personal danger when trying to sell a home yourself. You need to have a plan for protecting your valuables and passwords when showing your home to prospective home buyers as well as ensuring your physical safety. Who will be your back up and how will you identify and record who comes into your home?

Paperwork is one of the most important parts of putting together a successful real estate transaction. If not executed correctly you could be giving away a lot more than planned or get stuck in a contract with a shady buyer who becomes a major headache.

This is all of course dependent upon getting action on your real estate ads in the first place and while interest in Michigan real estate is certainly heating up if you are facing foreclosure you may not have the luxury of a lot of time to experiment with different ways of advertising.

How My Coordinator LLC’s Team Can Help

My Coordinator and Continental Title Agency in Romeo, MI specializes in helping local homeowners and out of area investors who own property in the Macomb County area who want to sell their houses themselves.

For a start the My Coordinator site offers many of the essential real estate forms you will need to protect yourself in selling your home.

However we also offer access to professional tax accountants and real estate attorneys, who can help by reviewing your situation and paperwork in order to enable you to net the maximum possible from your sale, sniff out shady buyers early and even help you to structure seller financing arrangements correctly for maximum protection.

Perhaps we can even help you to find a buyer fast if you are facing foreclosure or really need to move as we are constantly help others looking for homes in the area.

Or if you decide it’s time to hire a real estate agent we would be happy to refer you to those who have proven reputable and provided great customer service to other clients of ours.


Aug 14

No Money down Real Estate in MI: Flipping Houses with Transactional Funding

Mortgage money is tighter than ever but that doesn’t mean there aren’t 100% financing options for those flipping houses!

It isn’t just credit requirements which have been holding real estate investors back from funding their acquisitions with conventional mortgage financing. Limits on the number of financed properties, extensive reviews, tough appraisals, increased asset requirements all make for endless hoops to jump through, while processing times make these loan sources unfeasible for scooping up the best deals on distressed properties quickly.

Sadly hard money lenders have also become notoriously difficult to deal with and the rush to hunt down private mortgage lenders can be a trying and distracting venture for most investors. Fortunately there are other options.

Transactional funding is perhaps one of the greatest things to have come out of the recent foreclosure crisis. The best transactional lenders like now offer 100% financing, plus closing costs for flipping houses; enabling truly no money down deals to be done. Better yet, transactional lending doesn’t require credit scores, income or asset verification or even an appraisal and can be used for flash funding to close on hot deals in just a couple of days.

Of course those Michigan real estate investors who are always thinking 2 steps ahead are probably already asking which title companies will facilitate double closings to capitalize on this great way to finance deals and where they can find more discounted properties to load up on.

There are title companies in Michigan who will do these double closings back to back providing they are legit and both really funded.

We all know that REO prices have been rising and the competition for them has been heating up. Macomb County investors know this all too well, following the recent blow out at the county foreclosure auction which saw all 650 foreclosure homes go to a single investor in minutes. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t great lead sources out there for picking up discounted deals.
New software solutions providers like BankProspector promise access to bank REO data, while Default Industry provides access to hedge fund contacts and software for managing the short sale and REO processes.
Owner of My Coordinator LLC in Romeo, MI, Erika Weichel also has wholesale properties and bulk packages of distressed properties available and her title company can also facilitate double closings and connect investors with tax pros, attorneys and company formation services for investors in MI.


Aug 12

Time Management 2.0: Hacks for Real Estate Pros

Wish there were more hours in the day and you could get more deals done?

There are and you can!

It’s all about having the right tools and team…

7 Tricks & Tools to Get More Done in Less Time [Create More Hours Every Week]:

1. Rescue Time

Rescue Time is powerful software which helps real estate professionals identify where they are losing time and gain control of it by blocking distractions and unproductive activities.

2. New Chrome Browser

The new Google Chrome browser which is now also available on the iPhone enables real estate agents, investors and mortgage pros to seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile devices without missing a beat for maximum productivity on the go.

3. Google Drive

Google Docs is now Google Drive and allows professionals to share, store and collaborate on documents with remote team members anywhere for streamlined communication and speed.

4. Campaign Dialer’s Campaign Dialer system enables real estate and mortgage pros and their staff to make over 100 prospecting calls an hour and only connect with live prospects, while being fully integrated with automated follow up and lead management software.

5. Hootsuite

Social media may be one of the fastest and most effective forms of real estate marketing today but while it may be low cost in order to get results it can be incredibly time consuming. Hootsuite changes all that by allowing entrepreneurs to manage all of their social media accounts from one dashboard, streamlining posting and tracking.

6.  Work during Your Most Productive Hours

Virginia Tech’s time management advice includes making sure you are working during your most focused, energized and productive hours of the day.

7. Leverage Other People’s Time

Outsourcing has become incredibly popular and enables real estate pros to leverage other people. However, many get too wrapped up in hiring masses of assistants and managing them instead of focusing on money making activities, when much of this help could be had for free through service providers like My Coordinator.

My Coordinator is a local Michigan based title and real estate transaction coordinator service provider, with highly experienced staff and which provides expanded assistance to industry professionals enabling them to maximize time, ROI and bottom line profits.

Now, you can not only do more deals but take some time off to really re-energize and relax without constantly worrying if your deals are moving forward…


Aug 11

Macomb County: Still Distressed Property Opportunities for Investors

Macomb County hit the news in a big way last week as one real estate investor scooped up 650 distressed properties at a tax foreclosure auction.

So are there any wholesale property deals left in the area, if so where are they and what support is available for real estate investors?

The recent auction windfall for which saw every available property at the sale go for the amount of the past due taxes ($4.8 million) understandably ruffled quite a few feathers among other investors who were hoping to pick up a few tasty deals for themselves. However, it is certainly a positive thing for the county coffers and the local real estate market.

Macomb County and Romeo, MI in particular has recently become a hot spot on real estate investors’ radars after reviews by several highly respected real estate investing gurus and the sweet spot the area offers between Detroit’s low home prices and some of the glitzier metropolitan and waterfront destinations which investors are fast being priced out of.

Fortunately there are still attractive wholesale real estate deals to be found in Macomb. In fact My Coordinator LLC would be glad to connect investors with some of these homes whether it is one or two to complete a portfolio or a large package deal.

Out of state and international real estate investors will especially find My Coordinator’s services invaluable. In addition to the standard title services offered investors will find assistance for forming and registering Michigan LLCs, including arranging a local registered agent and setting up banking solutions.

Real estate investors who are serious about really turning up their volume throughout the fall and as we roll into 2013 will also find the company offers the ability to complete double closings and ongoing marketing assistance for retaining more leads and referrals.

For more information on My Coordinator’s services or available wholesale properties call Erika at 586-453-9260.


Aug 10

Is it Time You Fired Your Title Company?

As a mortgage pro, Realtor, or real estate investor having the right title company on your team not only means getting deals done on time so that you can collect your check but can make all the difference in holding the deal together and perhaps most importantly increasing the value of each client and generating years of referral business.

In fact it is who your individual title representative is that makes all the difference.

A successful strategic partnership with a title agent goes way beyond having someone to run title searches on the fly and to twiddle their thumbs while your clients sign the closing docs. So do you know what to look for?

7 Essential Qualities of a Rock Star Title Rep:

1. Available When You Need Them

Having a title rep. who is available after business hours and on weekends when you or your clients are freaking out or need a super rush is essential for keeping real estate transactions together and on schedule.

2. Understands the Complexities

It is absolutely crucial to find a title professional who really understands the challenges of mortgage lending, real estate investing and the concerns of customers. Unless they can help with double closings, recognize the urgency in alerting you to potential issues immediately are happy to make changes and know how to anticipate problems, keeping your income consistent and your reputation is going to be tough.

3. Frees Up Your Time

There are all types of neat mobile apps, tech tools and outsourcing options out there today to help real estate pros maximize productivity and free up more time. Ironically many don’t realize just how much a title agent and closing coordinator can do to take the burden off of them without adding any extra expenses, having to learn new programs or managing additional employees. Find out what else My Coordinator LLC can do for you to make your job easier so that you can do more deals or actually spend more time doing what you really love.

4. Knows How to Save Your Clients $$$

The more money your clients save and the more valuable your services are to them the more loyal they will be, the more they will rave about your services to others and perhaps most importantly the more business they can afford to do with you. A great title company has experienced tax accountants on hand to help clients minimize tax liabilities, has a qualified attorney who can help negotiate liens and firmly encourage difficult parties to stick to their contractual obligations, can assist clients with self-directed IRA investing and 1031 exchanges and much more.

5. Can Conduct Closings When Convenient for Your Clients

We’re all so busy today that coordinating a closing can be more difficult than ever. A super hero title rep. knows how to pull everyone together, will coordinate after hours or even weekend doc signings and even sometimes entertain the most bizarre requests for visiting clients where it is best for them.

6. Knows How to Keep a Deal Together at the Table

No matter how well you planned everything and how great of a deal you got your clients every investor, real estate agent and loan officer knows that tension when they are waiting on a closing and can’t be there themselves. There are so many silly things which can crop up from bad lender paperwork to the seller not competing repairs to the parties just having an unhealthy distaste for each other that if we’re honest it is quite a miracle most closings actually happen at all. Often times you can’t afford to wait another week to appease everyone and try to get them back around a table to sign. This is where a truly great title rep shows their colors with nerves of steel and brings the deal to a close when many others would be hiding under their desks, shaking and Tweeting links to their resumes to employers in completely different industries.

7. Service & Loyalty

A great title company both treats you as a valued customer and is dedicated to superior customer service for your clients too. They’ll make you look great and keep pushing them back to you so that you retain the future business and referrals.
If you haven’t used My Coordinator LLC for your title needs yet, you’ll find our services check all the boxes. Isn’t it time you and your clients received the best service?


Aug 10

What’s going on with Romeo, MI Real Estate Now?

Have you checked out real estate in Romeo, MI lately?

What’s really going on in the local market, how much can you get for you money, why is Romeo real estate so popular all of a sudden and where can you find help for your real estate needs?

Romeo Real Estate by the Numbers

Despite Michigan being bashed as one of the worst hit from the recent foreclosure crisis home buyers and real estate investors will find some great things happening in Romeo real estate.

The latest stats from RealtyTrac show just 1 in every 591 housing units in Romeo received a foreclosure notice in June 2012. That’s far below what is going on in many other areas of the country, including some of the so called hot spots of the moment in South Florida or Southern California. This suggests that while we are on the mend there are still good deals to be found.

Data compiler Trulia has even better news, showing the local median home price rocketing 27.5% since last year to $110,000. At the same time the average price per square foot has also rise a healthy 10% year-over-year.

So What Can You Get for Your Money?

What can home buyers and real estate investors expect to get for their money today?

Romeo offers a ton of value though there is quickly becoming less and less to choose from. There are currently just 31 publicly listed homes in the MLS for the immediate area. These range from 3 bedroom single family homes for less than $50,000 to 5 bedroom houses on almost 5 acres for just under $100,000, all the way up to 100 acre estates featuring 11,000 square foot French country mansions with 8 bathrooms, wine cellars and 9 car garages.

Trending Now…

This is an amazing time for move up buyers to actually get into the home of their dreams with payments they can afford and sellers may finally discover this is the chance for them to cash out.

Real estate investors from all over the world are hot on Michigan real estate but they are increasingly choosing to invest in destinations like Romeo which provide the perfect combo of well-priced deals, yet a safer and more sustainable market with better resale potential, than Detroit.

Those property owners deciding to go it alone without an agent will find the new My Coordinator LLC website a valuable resource with complimentary forms, calculators and access to real estate attorneys for helping to negotiate down liens, review paperwork or preparing land contracts of other seller financing instruments.

As we are in constant contact with both local homeowners and active real estate investors we also love to help match up those who are looking for leads or a buyer for their homes, so even if you don’t have a deal yet give us a call and find out more about how we can help and request a copy of our hot sheet of local wholesale properties for sale.

Looking forward to helping you soon,