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Oct 22

7 Top Marketing Tips for MI Mortgage Companies

Looking for more mortgage leads?

There are many, many marketing ideas and channels for Michigan mortgage companies and
mortgage brokers to try out today but which are the most effective right now and what else might be getting overlooked that can increase your advertising effectiveness and ROI?

1. Marketing Mix

There are many mortgage marketing strategies which work, though they don’t all yield equal returns, especially when all factors are considered. Focus on a handful which deliver the best net ROI and make sure to have a good variety of on and offline efforts going in order to protect your lead flow and income.

2. Establish Credibility First

It is a lot easier to generate action from your direct marketing efforts if your brand is familiar and trusted, not to mention a lot easier to close those leads which do come in. So think print and display advertising utilize online press releases and don’t forget elements like toll free numbers.
3. Arm Yourself with the Right Tools

Not every lead closes on the first attempt. Either they may not be ready or they just may not be a good fit for your mortgage products at this moment but as a lead and referral source they can still be extremely valuable. This makes having and using lead management software and automating follow up just as essential as the initial contact.

4.Email Marketing

Email marketing may not be a new concept for mortgage professionals but it has been turning up much better results recently. Done right it is easy, affordable, and effective and makes sure you are always there at the right time, in the right place for your prospects and past clients.

5. Blogging

You are reading this, so that is proof positive that blogging works. Blogging can help you get to the top of Google, attract new customers, position you as the best mortgage pro to work with and generate real leads.

6. Forge Strategic Partnerships

Look at the most successful entrepreneurs of history like John D. Rockefeller (our first billionaire) and you’ll see their success relied a lot on building the right relationships. Then look at failures like Apple breaking up with Google Maps and you’ll see their demise linked to failing to forge good partnerships.
Who can you partner with for marketing and referrals to lower your costs and increase your income?

7. Make New Contacts Daily

Your success at driving in more mortgage applications is directly tied to the number of new contact you make each and every day. Are you making enough? Despite all of the expensive and elaborate mortgage marketing tactics available today one of the easiest, most effective and affordable is simply getting out and
exchanging business cards or Facebook likes. Not getting out enough? Do more networking, lunching and dining with other pros, working outside of your normally environment or just doing more activities.


Oct 21


Did you catch the 2 most important alarms being rang for real estate professionals during the presidential debate?

No, it had nothing to do with taxes, promises of making things easier for small business owners or housing plans and it doesn’t matter which candidate you like the most.

The 2 big red flags which should have caught real estate pros’ attention were all about marketing…

1. Social Media

The two Romney vs. Obama debates so far have ranked as 2 of the top 3 social media events to date. More than 12 million Tweets and Facebook comments were posted and exchanged during the 90 minute verbal boxing match between presidential candidates.

So for those Michigan real estate agents, brokerages, mortgage companies and loan officers who aren’t truly embracing social media it’s about time to get on it. It isn’t going to go away and social media marketing is about a lot more than just having a page and throwing up random posts about where you went for dinner or mining the internet for a date.

There are real leads there, but you’ve got to really work it.

2. Getting Face-to-Face with Prospects

The second and perhaps most important alarm is how critical and valuable face-to-face connections are for real estate agents and mortgage brokers.

Love them or hate them; Obama reportedly won back some credibility during the second debate, at least for his style if not economic policy, while Romney finally came out of the woodwork and stormed the
polls once people really got to see who he was. Before the debate he was a phantom candidate that most knew very little about. It’s hard to know, like and trust someone enough to vote for them or give them your business when buying a home or taking out a home loan if they are hiding behind a corporate website or

The internet is a fantastic real estate marketing tool and enables real estate professionals to reach far more people in far less time but it is clear that people still want to do business with real people, and it can make all the difference in closing the deal.

For agents and brokers this means making sure you are keeping your in-person sales and presentation skills sharp. Coaching, networking and regular practice to keep the rust off all helps.

You can argue about the real, immediate ROI of entertaining in person meetings all you want but if you plan to stay in business and want the best ROI for the long run, wake up to the life time value
each client and their referrals offer.

There is no better way to build long term relationships and learning how to serve your clients better than to build in some face time.

That’s why My Coordinator LLC has a real, physical office and how we like to treat our clients and their clients.


Oct 19


Detroit real estate has become incredibly popular in the last couple of years between a buffet of low priced properties and rising values but there’s a lot more to Michigan real estate than just the
Motor City.

Detroit does actually have a lot going for it right now but of course it does have a notorious reputation at the same time and while it has been producing some incredible returns for real estate investors it certainly isn’t a great fit for everyone.

Looking a little further afield can bring a lot of other, potentially far more attractive real estate investing

Macomb and Oakland County for instance offer a quieter and safer locale that investors won’t mind actually visiting to take a look at properties and doing their proper due diligence. Yet homes here still offer great discounts on distressed properties, real estate is still incredibly affordable offering plenty of room to grow (and it already is), and a choice between bread and butter homes and luxury ones. In other words it is like
taking all of the pros of investing in Detroit real estate and slicing out the cons.

Whether wholesaling properties full time, fixing and flipping houses on the weekends, acquiring a handful or entire empire of rentals or even just looking for a second home or taking advantage of the
market to move up to a swankier pad there are plenty of enticing options.

There is a reason Michigan real estate is heating up but that doesn’t mean everyone should just follow the herd. Stick to sound real estate investment principals yet, don’t be afraid to think outside
of the box the media creates.


Oct 19


Michigan real estate has been a top favorite among foreign investors over the last year
but this trend is really just beginning and local professionals must be
prepared to win their business…

Michigan real estate has been on sale over the last few years and has drawn many out of
area and overseas buyers and investors but evolving trends signal this has just
been the beginning of the rush.

Cushman & Wakefield recently reported real estate investment in Central Europe down
41% this year, while the latest issue of Overseas Property Professional Magazine
highlights the panic going on in Spain, France and the UK due to continued
economic issues.

In the recent past much of this flight capital went to Canada but with markets
like Toronto and Vancouver taking beatings of their own even Canadians are now
once again pouring into the U.S. real estate market.

Of course some are still working on freeing up capital from abroad or have held
off until seeing that the American housing recovery has really taken hold but
that just means more funds and buyers to come and for most Michigan real estate
makes a lot of sense as an affordable and growing market.

This means Michigan Realtors, mortgage loan officers and real estate investors need
to not only be accommodating foreign investors but must be partnering with
services which cater to these clients’ unique needs such as banking, company
formation, remote closings and even just being able to do business in their
home time zones.

This is exactly where My Coordinator LLC excels and we’d love to help serve
your clients and make you look great…


Oct 07

The Real Deal on Outsourcing for Michigan Real Estate Pros

New Cybercrime Prevention law could wreak havoc on outsourcing for MI real estate

Outsourcing has become an essential part of everyday business for Michigan real estate
agents, investors and mortgage professionals but a new law threatens to shake
up the industry and limit who can be hired and for what tasks.

The Philippines has been one of the main sources of outsourced staff for U.S.
businesses over the last 7 years but the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 enacted on October 3rd
2012 could put an end to that.

Following on from the recent Facebook purge of spam accounts and fake likes this new law
prohibits and array of internet interactions from adult activities to spamming
and potentially controls who Filipinos can like on Facebook
and other social networking sites. The penalties are no slap on the wrist
either with 12 years hard time in prison and a $24,000 penalty per offense.

On the bright side many U.S. real estate related companies have already been
trending towards hiring remote staff onshore for better quality work and easier
communications. However, note that with millions of American businesses losing
their offshore workers due to this new law the rush to hire alternatives
onshore is sure to get fierce and we all know whoever has the best talent on
their side wins.

At the same time savvy real estate business owners and independent entrepreneurs
know that while outsourcing is critical for maximizing deal volume, speed and
profit it doesn’t always have to cost a bomb.

In fact those who have been using My Coordinator LLC for their title insurance
needs already know they can take advantage of quite a bit of extra help without
extra costs.

Check it out!


Oct 07

The Tsunami of Michigan Home Buyers to Come

Michigan home prices and sales look like they are about to take of as a new tsunami of
buyers aims for the state…

The Michigan real estate recovery is just getting started and local home buyers,
real estate investors and Realtors should expect to see a lot of activity
coming up.

According to the latest Fannie Mae survey 73% of American adults say now is a great time
to buy a home and with the current combination of factors at play in the market
we might never see a better time again, at least in most of our lifetimes.

Reporting on the newest home sales figures the Commerce Department reveals the national
median home price jumped up 17% since last August 2012, reflecting the best 12
months of appreciation since 2004. Even more amazing was the 11% jump in home
prices between July and August this year, the highest since 1963!

However, the best is yet to come with some 20 million real estate investors and 20
million young adults who have moved into their parent’s homes in the last few
years that are itching to get out. This doesn’t even count overseas buyers and
real estate investors who are sure to continue to flood in as foreign economies
suffer. Perhaps most significantly this will come from Canada as they enter a
new bubble bursting phase and look for work and investments elsewhere.

Indexes also show that buying a home is now an average of 45% cheaper than renting in
most areas of the country, spurring even more home buying and Michigan is sure
to be a big beneficiary as we’ve got some of the most affordable housing in the

That means lots of room for home buyers and real estate investors to grow new

What are you waiting for?


Oct 04

Halloween: The Best Day of the Year for Selling a Home??

Halloween is one of the greatest days of the year for selling homes. Find out how to
maximize the opportunity…

Many people take off work for Halloween providing a chance to get all decision
makers out to shop for homes at one time, they are in a better mood so more
prone to making good offers and it is a great time for enhanced marketing
effectiveness and grabbing buyers’ attention.

Investors and real estate agents in particular can find Halloween an excellent time to get high response rates to
advertising, improve interaction on social media, get blog posts and emails
read and run contests which increase prospects, visibility and sharing.

However it is also easily one of the best days of the year for networking events and open
houses. Fancy dress networking cocktail parties can put everyone at ease and be
more conducive for connecting and developing relationships with referral
partners and generating leads.

Real estate professionals and those selling their homes themselves will find all day themed
open houses offer a fun way to get more buyers in, get them to stay longer and
make them enjoy the home more, spurring the emotion needed to trigger sales.

Don’t miss out on this great day for marketing and selling your homes…

Whether you are a Realtor or homeowner let me help sell your home. “Everything I touch turns to closed”
and I’ve got cider and donuts for all new clients for the month of October too!

Give me a call today to find out what I can do for you at 586-453-9260…


Oct 04

Safest & Most Profitable Ways to Flip Houses in Michigan?

What’s the safest and most profitable way to cash in on real estate investing in
Michigan today?

There is certainly no lack of opportunity to bank on the current real estate market
and likely never a better time to flip houses for big money, especially with
such high demand for homes, rising property values, affordable interest rates
and lots of distressed property deals.

The question is how do you benefit from best combination of minimizing risk, high
profits and keep it all legal so you can stay out of jail at the same time?

3 strategies for flipping houses in MI:

1. Fix ‘n’ Flip

Rehabbing has been made incredibly popular by reality TV shows, though while profitable
and beneficial for the local community often requires a lot more cash,
expertise and a strong stomach for taking on repair projects and holding homes
until they are finished and a buyer comes along.

2. Assigning Contracts

Flipping real estate contracts was an popular real estate strategy during the last boom.
It can be low risk due to low investment requirements but end buyers and
sellers can get jealous of assignment fees and spreads at closing. This often
leads to different parties getting cold feet or try to cut the investor out of
the deal, especially without an experienced, talented and dedicated transaction
coordinator and title closing agent to keep it together at the table.

3. Double closings

Now compare the above with the benefits of legitimate double closings. Investors
can use cash or transactional funding for 100% financing to fuel these deals.
This facilitates two separate real estate closings, which are fully funded and
perfectly legal for avoiding the hassles associated with other strategies,
while minimizing risk and maximizing investor profit. These closings can be
several days apart or back to back double closings.

Need help structuring double closings, fast title work and an expert closer on your
side? Try out My Coordinator…


Oct 03

New Mobile Marketing Technology to Make or Break Your Business

Like it or not technology is going to make or break your real estate business in the
next 12-24 months. Are you ready, do you know where the sweet spots are for
getting the lead and where you absolutely can’t afford not to be seen?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a real estate investor, Realtor or mortgage loan
officer this is what you need to know to get ahead and stay on top…

Apple vs. Android: Sweet Spot of the Decade for Capitalizing on Mobile Marketing
We’ve all heard about the rush to get the new iPhone 5 but while it might be cool,
alone it may not be the game changing device for real estate professionals.

There is no question the iPhone 5 will be a hot seller for the upcoming holidays but
even though Apple boasts the most apps (700,000+), Samsung still boasts double
the market share. That means with more Android devices and less competition it
is potentially easier for real estate pros to get their mobile apps found and
used by non iPhone addicts.

Either way, whether it is the Samsung Galaxy, iPhone 5 or even the new LG Optimus G
who wins the most users in the next couple of months we are entering what is
expected to be the busiest smartphone buying season ever. This makes it an
ideal time to roll out a mobile app of your own.

What the Apple Maps Outrage Means for Real Estate Marketing

This week has seen the web overrun with protests and complaints over Apple’s
replacement of Google Maps with its own feeble attempt.

It hasn’t just been called a sign of the end of the Steve Jobs’ era of perfection
at Apple or being an incredible source of frustration to daily users who rely
on it for navigation but has even had politicians demanding changes for the
sake of public safety and to avert major disasters.

However, what is really significant is that so many individuals rely on these maps for
their daily travel and deciding where they spend their money. Real estate
investing companies, Realtors and mortgage brokers need to be quickly and
easily found on mobile devices or they soon might as well not be around and no
one will know they exist. This means positioning on Yelp, Siri, Google+ Local,
Google Maps and being optimized for the mobile web.

2 More Hacks for More Deals

1. Ezines

While the current buzz may all be focused on the iPhone 5, 84 million iPads are now
in the hands of consumers, not counting the pending gifts this coming holiday
season or the various other tablets out there. This makes online magazines a
great addition to marketing. Create your own of collaborate and contribute to

2. Forge Strategic Partnerships

Perhaps it’s time to take another look around at local real estate industry
professionals, like your favorite title insurance agent, who you may be able to
cross promote and collaborate with in order to get more from your marketing
budget, reach better prospects, increase ROI and get more deals done faster.


Oct 03

5 Ways This Title Company Can Boost Your Real Estate Business

Need a little help cranking up your business to cash in on the coming surge in
business before the end of the year?

Perhaps a few more new clients, more visibility for your services or just a way to get
more out of your current marketing budget?

What’s your current title insurance company doing to help you?

5 Ways This Michigan Title Insurance Agent Can Help You in the Next 90 Days

Whether you are a real estate agent, investor, loan officer or owner of a real estate
related business here are 5 ways My Coordinator LLC can help you in addition to
first class title insurance services…

1. Free Marketing

My Coordinator includes a free 6 year follow up marketing plan for all clients to push more business back to you and to cultivate more referral business.

2. SEO & Internet marketing

Want to raise the visibility or your services, reach more targeted prospects and increase
your search engine rankings? Ask about exchanging blog posts or social media
posts to reach more of your ideal prospects for free.

3. Wholesale Properties

Need access for more viable wholesale property deals for flipping yourself or fueling your
clients with more deals to increase your own business volume. I can help with
finding wholesale real estate deals whether it is single homes or bulk deals
you are after.

4. Generating More Referrals & Positive Feedback

I know just how important reputation and referrals are and that’s why I’ve built my
business on first class customer service and fast title work so that you look
great and your clients will rave about doing business with you.

5. Leads, Leads, Leads

Want more home buyer, home seller or mortgage leads? Maybe I can help…give me a call on
586-453-9260 today to see how we can work together.