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Jun 26

7 Power Packed Resources for MI Real Estate Investors

Check out these power packed resources for boosting your real estate investing returns and volume…

Whether you a local real estate investor or international investor just looking to capitalize on the many incredibly appetizing investment opportunities in Michigan right now making the most of the market, and realizing the best possible returns, with the least amount of stress relies a lot on who you know and what resources you have at your disposal to leverage.

Whatever your strategy and wherever you are at with your portfolio or business the following could prove priceless to your success at investing in MI real estate.

1. Distressed Pro offers real estate investors access to the behind the scenes data on all of the REOs and non-performing mortgage notes that U.S. banks and servicers are holding, as well as direct contact details to top decision makers for cutting great deals.

2. Best Transaction Funding

For those looking for extra working capital for flipping houses and acting as cash buyers Best Transaction Funding offers access to transactional lending which can be used to finance 100% of acquisition costs, without needing good credit or jumping through the hoops other lenders demand.

3. G-Code Magazine

G-Code Magazine is a hot new magazine for entrepreneurs and real estate investors. Here MI real estate investors will find the inside scoop on the best marketing strategies, emerging trends and tips for investing for better returns.

4. John Graham, Inc.

The Wall Street Journal has recognized this firm as one of the very top in the U.S. and is a great resource for out of area investors looking for turnkey rental property solutions. Visit the website at for local housing data and to view the latest property listings.

5. Sharp Legal Group

Sharp Legal Group offers incorporation, tax preparation and tax planning services for Michigan real estate investors to help them limit liability and maximize investment returns. It’s a great place to start if you are planning on investing in the state or the U.S. for the first time, or just want to increase your net returns.

6. Fotolia

Fotolia is a stock photography website that provides high quality licensed images for real estate websites to maximize performance. This means original photos to help your website and listings stand out, eliminates any potential lawsuits later for copyright infringement and is extremely fast and affordable to use.

7. My Coordinator LLC

Of course those looking to maximize their time, get help streamlining transactions and get expert title help with their MI real estate transactions will also find the services of absolutely priceless for pulling it all together and actually being able to enjoy their returns.