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Aug 29

How Do Legal Double Closings Work For Michigan Wholesalers?

How can legal and ethical double closings still be used by investors to flip Michigan real estate?

There has been a lot of confusion in the real estate and investment business over double closings and wholesaling Michigan houses recently. New investors find that they are running into multiple roadblocks put up by industry professionals, and this has caused some to question whether their strategies are really ethical or not. So what’s the real 411?

The good news is that Michigan properties can be flipped using double closings both ethically and legally, if done right.

Sadly many title companies, attorneys and Realtors aren’t familiar with the right way to do it, or have been scared into overcorrecting and have become too conservative.

However, sticking to two separate, fully funded transactions A to B and B to C, double closings are completely legal, ethical and profitable for all parties involved. Ensuring all proper disclosures are made of course.

The Case for Ethical Flipping of MI Homes:

  1. Flipping homes is virtually essential for reviving neighborhoods, jobs and the economy
  2. Wholesaling houses can bail out distressed homeowners fast
  3. Provides a valuable service to out of area investors and landlords with capital
  4. Enables transactions that couldn’t be done otherwise

The Advantages of Double Closings for Investors Include:

  • Ability to use transactional funding for 100% financing
  • Fast flips mean eliminating risk and holding costs
  • Higher per deal and total annual returns
  • Protecting all parties involved and ensuring their incomes

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Aug 24

Cashing In On Michigan Real Estate For Risk Averse Investors

So you want to cash in on Southeast Michigan real estate, but aren’t sure deeply depressed downtown Detroit properties are the right match. What are your other options?

How can you lower your risk when investing in Michigan real estate today, and are there any safer bets than Detroit that can still deliver appealing returns?

There is no question that Southeast Michigan is ripe for investing and the market is booming thanks to soaring demand from builders, local entrepreneurs and global real estate investors. If anything the recent declaration of bankruptcy has only increased Detroit’s appeal on the world map and great strides are being made at all levels to pull the city up.

Still many savvy real estate investors are concerned about risk and are scared of investing in hard hit Detroit neighborhoods. Foreclosure properties are cheap. Yet, there is no denying that crime is an issue, there is no real telling how high prices will go in some neighborhoods (unless you are buying up the whole thing), packs of stray pit bulls are running wild, and of course the wonderful winter weather is on its way.

So where’s better to invest?

More timid and risk averse real estate investors might choose Oakland and Macomb Counties instead, and areas like Clarkston, Rochester and Shelby Township. This is a world apart from the problems of Detroit, yet will offers great discounts, appealing spreads and lots of room for growth and wealth building, as well as some very attractive home in solid neighborhoods and on the water.

In terms of lowering risk, adopting wholesaling as a strategy can provide fast paydays, while getting in and out quickly. Those set on buy and hold that want to reduce risk can check into self-directed IRA investing, make sure they have thorough title searches done, get a title insurance policy, and leverage local coordinator with good knowledge of the area.

Contact me for wholesale property leads, double closings for flipping MI houses, and a local expert than can help walk you through the process whether you are new to investing in real estate or are an experienced pro growing your portfolio!


Aug 15

Real Estate Wholesalers Find Heaven In Southeast Michigan

Real estate investors looking for a sweet spot for wholesaling properties are finding Southeast Michigan checks all the boxes, and not for the reasons most assume…
Between declining U.S. foreclosures and rapidly rising home prices some real estate wholesalers have been sweating it; and wondering what their next move should be. Maybe it’s time to check out SE Michigan, and all of the benefits is offers for those flipping houses.
Detroit has become somewhat famous for being land of the cheap homes over the last few years, and that means it’s easier to diversify, turn multiple deals and enjoy good sustainable deal flow. That means lower operational costs, and higher net returns, compounded by the number of deals you do.
In Detroit ‘Distress = Dollars’. We’ve all heard the news of the city’s bankruptcy and title as one of the most distressed areas. While we all feel for those individuals, workers and families suffering as a result of this, distress has actually turned out to be great for the South East MI housing market. It has brought in tons of outside capital and spurred serious efforts to revitalize the area.
The worst is over here, and while there is a lot of work to do Inman News and RealtyTrac report Michigan as one of the few states that have experienced foreclosure activity levels returning to historic or below historic levels.
Compare this to other places where foreclosure activity is just starting in earnest with numbers tripling in places like Baltimore. Here values are headed up, and sales are up 50% year over year as of July 2013.
Rehabbing costs can be a lot cheaper in this area compared to other areas like MD where Bloomberg reports the average home requires $60k in renovations.
In Southeast Michigan there is something for everyone. It’s not just about downtown Detroit. Those looking for a higher end product and low crime can look to Shelby Township and the leafy suburbs.
Plus, perhaps most importantly, this is where you’ll find one of the few investor friendly title companies left – MyCoordinatorLLC, where you’ll find incredible help and double closings welcomed.


Aug 08

5 Top Real Estate Marketing Strategies For 2014

The market and game has changed dramatically. Are you using the top producing real estate marketing strategies for capitalizing on the rush and maximizing ROI?

As the Michigan real estate market has surged back to life so has the amount of competition real estate agents, investors and mortgage pros face when marketing their product and services.

There may be a lot of business to go around for Michigan real estate professionals right now, but the playing field will quickly be altered as the few demanding the most from their marketing enjoy the best profit margins and liquidity and choke the competition out of the running.

Just getting some inquiries, leads and closing some deals from whichever real estate marketing tactics you are engaging in is no longer enough. You’ve got to be getting the best bang for your buck.

Multiple shifts in technology, trends and the economy as well as industry players has completely reshaped what is working well and what isn’t over the last 6 months. Those with high hopes for 2014 also know that they need to be lining up leads now, planting the seeds for tomorrow and setting up the funnels that will drive their businesses throughout the next 12 months.

We’ve already seen email marketing, direct mail and cheapskate content marketing tactics take a major dive. So what should Michigan real estate professionals and marketers be engaging in now?


  1. Press releases
  2. Paid Facebook marketing by boosting posts, running ads and promoting contests
  3. Guest blogging
  4. LinkedIn which can still be free but is largely underutilized
  5. In person networking as so many others remain trapped behind their screens


Aug 01

Minimizing Risk: 3 Ways A Great Title Company Can Save Your Investment

Minimizing Risk: 3 Ways A Great Title Company Can Save Your Investment

Michigan real estate is hotter than ever, but rushing in carelessly can be extremely costly…

Local entrepreneurs and foreign investors are scooping up Southeast Michigan homes in batches of 30 to 70 at a time with the perception that real estate here is so cheap it’s impossible to lose. Of course, that isn’t exactly the case. This may be an incredible time to create new passive income streams from rentals and build wealth quickly by flipping houses, but that doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind.

Right now there are three issues which are increasingly tripping up real estate investors, which could easily be prevented with the help of a good title company…

1. Rents & Tenant Deposits

While the market is great and the numbers might look good on paper endless issues can arise on rental properties if figures and data aren’t verified. A title company can obtain estoppel letters and verifications of lease amounts, status of rental payments and deposits. Without this and doing your own due diligence you could find you are taking over properties with far less coming in than thought, or where previous sellers have spent deposits and advanced rent.

2. Repair Funds

When buying foreclosures in Michigan today it is very common for investors to obtain financing which is supposed to offer additional payouts as repairs are made. Unfortunately unless this money is held in escrow by a title company on your behalf you might never see it as some have recently found out.

3. Searches & Insurance

The rush to acquire distressed property has been creating a lot of competition among home buyers leading some paying cash to forego thorough title searches and even title insurance for the sake of speed. Sadly in the wake of the housing crisis an enormous percentage of properties have clouds on title and even restrictions on resale. Without taking these steps you could find the sale voided or ownership not defensible, rendering the investment lost or at least unsalable.