Oct 11

Real Estate Marketing: Are Your Cyber Monday Deals Ready To Roll?

Are you ready to rock with your Cyber Monday real estate marketing campaigns?

With only days to go and plenty of distractions in between, Cyber Monday is coming up fast. For those in the real estate industry this is perhaps the most important marketing day of the year.

Regardless of whether you are still wrangling with Halloween decorations and marketing initiatives, conjuring up menus for Thanksgiving or already planning your December holiday shopping, Cyber Monday cannot afford to be ignored.

Cyber Monday is rapidly becoming the biggest sales day of the year, and we could be on track for a $2 billion sales day for Cyber Monday 2013.

Based upon trends in holiday marketing and going off last year businesses need to be rolling out campaigns almost a month early. This is the perfect occasion for moving more real estate and can be equally prosperous for mortgage brokers, lenders, Realtors, home improvement contractors and real estate investors as well.

The great news is that banking on this occasion is incredibly easy for the real estate crowd thanks to online deals and keyword rich content for capitalizing on surges in web traffic.

This should also be tied in with Black Friday for banking on increased foot and car traffic for open houses, as well as Small Business Saturday which is sandwiched in the middle.  Small Business Saturday is the ideal opportunity to call locals and past customers to support you and to collaborate with other local small business owners.

The time to start planning and developing marketing materials is now. Done right this should be the best weekend of your year, and could earn you the rest of the year off, with plenty of holiday shopping money too!