Oct 25

Real Estate Domain Names & URLs: How Companies Are Condemning Their Brands

An overwhelming number of real estate professionals and companies are condemning their brands and careers to a gloomy struggle, if not doom simply because of their web domain names.

It’s sad, but true. The question is; what are the critical mistakes that they are making, and how can you avoid falling into the same trap?

Real estate agents, brokers, investors, mortgage companies, appraisers and even attorneys and title insurance companies are all falling into the same holes. This may be a situation that a few will be able to turn around quickly with timing on their side and the right knowledge.

The biggest issue is perhaps recognizing the importance of domain names on both short and long term success. The right domain name can add a nice extra boost when launching a real estate related business or career. Domain names can also make all the difference in long term success.

Some may think this is unfair, and that their direct work in real estate should be all that matters, but unfortunately it doesn’t always pan out that way.

Just look at domain names like RealEstate.com selling for millions.

Of course searching for and finding a great domain name in the real estate industry can be incredibly challenging and frustrating today. But this is also why they are so valuable.

Fortunately real estate businesses and professionals can still scoop up great names very inexpensively with a little luck and searching. Some things to look for in a good name include relevance, keywords and a name which matches the business and brand name. There are also auction and third party negotiation services which can help acquire website domains even if they are already in use.

However, savvy CEOs and professionals also recognize that they are wise to acquire more than just one domain name. Scooping up as many similar domains as possible can help to block the competition from moving in and capitalizing on their success.

Many may be aware of the above, but what the majority aren’t aware of is that there are some 700 new domain name extensions in the works. 4 were launched just this week. Many others are being trickled out over time. If not reserved they could pose a threat to many. Thankfully GoDaddy.com has a free tool which allows you to watch and get alerts to be able to be among the first to get a chance to reserve these new domain extensions as they are released.

Even more of an issue is social URLs. Like website domain names, real estate related URLs for Facebook and Twitter are also hard to come by today, yet equally important.

It’s also interesting to note that a significant amount of money can be made in flipping both of these types of domains, and sometimes they end up being far more valuable than the rest of the business.