Nov 15

2013 Holiday Gift Ideas for MI Real Estate Professionals

Looking for great holiday gift ideas for a special Michigan real estate professional in your life this year?

What are the best 2013 holiday gifts for MI real estate pros?

Whether you are holiday shopping for a MI title insurance company rep, Realtor, investor, mortgage broker or appraiser here are some neat and unique ideas for any budget (even if that is $0)…

1. Tesla Model X

With so many real estate professionals relying on their cars as an extension of their brands, what could make a better gift than a new ride? Rolls Royce has rolled out a new model for a little under $300k, but while powerful and modern it looks a little too much like a Dodge Charger and something you’d actually have to drive yourself than you’d expect from the brand. Maybe the Tesla Model X is a better choice. It’s eco-friendly, oozes cool with ‘Falcon Wings’ instead of doors and can be reserved now for delivery in the New Year.

2. Sunshine

Michigan is awesome, and there hasn’t been a better time to be a part of the buzzing entrepreneurial Rock City than now. Still, while the snow is pretty, months without sun can grind on the best. So why not splurge on a vacation for both of you in warmer weather?

3. The Latest Tech Inspiration

G-Code Magazine announced it is releasing new augmented reality applications showcased in a line of ‘G-Cloud’ posters. Adorning the wall of your real estate professional’s office or even home office they are designed to beam in inspiration, trending news, and business tips on-demand. And they are incredibly affordable.

4. Galaxy Tab 3

The New Samsung Galaxy Tablet with stylus is an amazing tech gift for the real estate geek, offering plenty of handy every day practical uses to make their lives easier and maybe get them home to you earlier!

5. The Gift of Giving

It’s almost crazy how so many people have become so frugal recently. It’s good and it’s great to see that while they might have reigned in personal spending sprees they are still bullish on giving. So how about donating to their favorite charity on their behalf or giving a gift card which can be used to make donations?

6. Show Some Love Online!

Michigan real estate pros invest a ton of time, energy and resources into their online profiles today, much of which is all about giving value to benefit you. Often it comes with few visible rewards. What might brighten them up more than anything is showing some love by commenting on their blog, giving a Like or sharing something on their Facebook page.

7. Referrals

Even better, how about sending them a juicy referral to help make their lives easier and perhaps help them make a little more money to spend on your present this year? Best of all – it won’t cost you a penny.