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Nov 08

What does the Twitter IPO mean for MI real estate investors?

Social network Twitter took flight with its long awaited IPO yesterday. So was it another total flop like Facebook, and what does it all mean for Michigan real estate investors?

Twitter must have had its Redbull, because the stock certainly had wings. Taking off and rising almost 100% in the first day of trading the social shares claimed title to the second largest tech IPO in the U.S., beating out Google. The press and analysts were even much kinder than in their review of the Facebook IPO.

Of course the tech stock also dropped out of the sky just as fast, as if shot down by the stars of reality TV’s Duck Dynasty crew, winding up closing below opening price.

So what does this all mean for Michigan real estate investors, Realtors and home buyers?

This is another big wake up call to everyone that tech is definitely in frothy, Icarus territory, floating a little too close to the sun. Stocks in general not only offer pretty much zero protection for investors, but are also extremely volatile with little time to get out before seeing entire portfolios evaporated.

On the bright side this is a big thumbs up to direct real estate investors in MI, signaling that they are definitely on the right path. In contrast Michigan real estate is just beginning a new up cycle which could easily last another 15 years. Direct real estate investment, whether flipping houses or buying rental properties also offers a lot more protection and can deliver both passive income and wealth building simultaneously. That’s in addition to the tax and leverage advantages it offers.

Let’s not beat Twitter up too much though. It might be a cool stock certificate to hang on your wall and show off to the kids. More importantly for MI real estate professionals it can be a great platform for online marketing. With multiple ad and automation options Twitter could be exactly what many need for keeping up business, capitalizing on the end of year rush and being able to enjoy some well-deserved time off.

So love Twitter for what it can do for your real estate business, but stick to investing in brick and mortar Michigan property…


Oct 02

How Will Government Shutdown Impact Michigan Real Estate Investors?

Could the current government shutdown do more damage to the Michigan real estate market, or will it actually open up more deals for investors?

Those that do have Michigan real estate transactions in process could potentially affected. This includes those with government backed loans involved, and where lenders can be hindered from necessary verifications due to being unable to access data held by the government.

These are likely to simply be temporary delays, and given this certainly isn’t the first government shutdown in history and it is likely to be over relatively quickly the impact on the market as a whole should be minimal.

However, while it lasts there could be increased investment potential. With some deals being derailed or falling through due to this situation and government employees falling delinquent on loans, as well as some buyers icing their home search out of uncertainty over the economy investors could find even more motivated sellers in the market.

It’s not all doom and gloom for sellers or those flipping houses either. With government workers being furloughed and many fearing for the future of their jobs a good percentage are probably waking up to the fact that turning to acquiring real estate investment as a landlord or buying a business with property is their best move. This could provide a short burst of additional, highly motivated buyers, many with significant retirement accounts to cash out and put to work.

While we all feel for those being negatively affected by current political events, there is potential to create win-win solutions for all parties and investors could be among the most valuable players in providing help to those that need it most.

For all your Michigan real estate title and closing needs MyCoordinator LLC is here to help, and here you’ll always get straight answers on how the shutdown could be affecting your closing.


Jul 25

Why $50k & 82% Profit Margins Are Only A Secondary Perk Of Double Closings

If $50,000 and earning 82% returns is just a perk of flipping houses with double closings, what could possibly be even better than that?

According to a new 2013 Home Flipping Report flipping houses is only becoming increasingly profitable in 2013. Data from RealtyTrac shows an array of housing markets where real estate investors have turned around hundreds to over 1,000 homes in the last six months. One even boasts an average profit of over $51k and 82% gross returns.

MyCoordinator, your investor friendly title service in MI makes it even better with double closings.

Legit double closings mean eliminating risk, shaving thousands in holding, borrowing and closing costs, and of course delivers immediate cash back in your pocket.

Yet, some investors and entrepreneurs might consider this mountain of money they are stacking up simply a side benefit or perk of flipping homes in MI.

How could they possibly?

Yes, this kind of income and wealth building might come with some serious bragging rights, can be great for massaging the ego, and the toys it can buy can make you feel great for a while, but…

Once you hit a certain level of financial freedom and security, the happiness quotient more money brings you really starts to decline. That doesn’t mean slow down or you shouldn’t turn all the houses you can to fulfill your maximum potential and utilize the gifts you have. But, nothing really trumps or even touches the feeling that really helping others in needs brings.

Helping struggling homeowners and families should not be overlooked or dismissed, and the money that real estate transactions put back into the local economy in supporting local businesses, creating more jobs and enabling more people to give back more to build up communities and neighborhoods is priceless.

So MyCoordinator is here to help MI real estate professionals and investors with buying, selling and flipping houses and can accommodate double closings, but more than that we’re here to help all local professionals and business owners to lift up Southeast Michigan to new heights.

Looking forward to helping you with your next transaction soon!