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Oct 07

The Real Deal on Outsourcing for Michigan Real Estate Pros

New Cybercrime Prevention law could wreak havoc on outsourcing for MI real estate

Outsourcing has become an essential part of everyday business for Michigan real estate
agents, investors and mortgage professionals but a new law threatens to shake
up the industry and limit who can be hired and for what tasks.

The Philippines has been one of the main sources of outsourced staff for U.S.
businesses over the last 7 years but the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 enacted on October 3rd
2012 could put an end to that.

Following on from the recent Facebook purge of spam accounts and fake likes this new law
prohibits and array of internet interactions from adult activities to spamming
and potentially controls who Filipinos can like on Facebook
and other social networking sites. The penalties are no slap on the wrist
either with 12 years hard time in prison and a $24,000 penalty per offense.

On the bright side many U.S. real estate related companies have already been
trending towards hiring remote staff onshore for better quality work and easier
communications. However, note that with millions of American businesses losing
their offshore workers due to this new law the rush to hire alternatives
onshore is sure to get fierce and we all know whoever has the best talent on
their side wins.

At the same time savvy real estate business owners and independent entrepreneurs
know that while outsourcing is critical for maximizing deal volume, speed and
profit it doesn’t always have to cost a bomb.

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needs already know they can take advantage of quite a bit of extra help without
extra costs.

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