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Nov 21

5 Holiday Time Hacking Tips For MI Real Estate Pros

How can Michigan real estate professionals better bend time to enjoy the best of the holidays while capitalizing on the end of year property rush?

The holiday season seems to start earlier every year, and that’s certainly true now in 2013. The smell of gingerbread is already in the air and commercials and tantalizing storefronts beg for the holiday shopping to begin and sweet treats to be enjoyed.

At the same time the anticipation of a break before 2014 can seem like a fleeting pipe dream for those counting down the days on their calendars. While the weather is cooling, the Michigan real estate market is on fire, keeping many local professionals sucked in like a magnet, not wanting to let down clients and referral partners or miss out on the big boost in income to top of the year.

So how do you find a way to enjoy more of both worlds; freedom and quality time to relax, without burning deals and dollars?

1. Black it out

If you haven’t already black out the time off you want on your calendar – literally. Leave no way to pencil in any activity for those days, whether it is a few hours or the entire month of December off. Then book the flights and hotels and pay for it do that there is no backing out.

2. Automate your real estate marketing

Automating real estate marketing has become easier than ever so there is no excuse for being tied to your desk or mobile device for the next 6 weeks. Put all of your marketing on autopilot with scheduled ads, Facebook posts, Tweets, emails, and blogs.

3. Hire a VA

Rope in some affordable virtual assistants to handle inbound lead calls and enquiries while giving you and your team the freedom to take off to relax and recharge for the New Year.

4. Create new passive income streams

For those Michigan real estate pros concerned they might see a dip in their income or that hope they be able to take a lot more time off next year add new passive income streams. This could be joint ventures with other local real estate businesses and service providers, joining affiliate programs, running ads on your website or blog (in moderation), and of course if you haven’t already, then choose a good passive income and passive wealth building real estate investment or two.

  1. MyCoordinator

Perhaps most powerful and profitable of all; use MyCoordinator to handle your title insurance work, real estate transaction coordination, and closings so that you can get on with what you really want to be doing, while having the peace of mind that your deals are still getting fast tracked and closed on time.


Sep 28

Real Estate Pros: Tips For Staying Healthy This Fall

It’s that time of year when everyone seems to come down with something. Unless real estate industry professionals act to take care of themselves and their teams the toll can be outrageous.

The CDC has warned of an early start to flu season this year with some severe cases striking in even warmer climates like L.A. This year there seem to be even more health risks with Oakland County, MI residents reporting that their ‘smart’ electric meters are making them seriously ill, and Apple users are even reporting that their iPhones with iOS7 are making them sick.

Even just a couple of days down can have a huge negative impact on Michigan real estate businesses and independent professionals. From missing out on deals to letting down clients the risks aren’t just limited to coming up a few dollars short before the holidays but seeing reputation suffer and seeing businesses completely derailed.

So how can MI real estate pros prevent this?

It starts with being proactive. Keep your immune system rock solid by taking in safe sun, getting regular exercise, eating right, taking vitamins and avoid overdoing it. Vaccination can be a smart move for some too. In fact, when it comes to the flu, getting a shot isn’t just for old people, it has been recommended for everyone over 6 months old.

Many put off seeing a doctor or taking anything in order to let their body do its job of fighting back. However, it’s important to recognize the point when your body isn’t fighting it fast enough alone and medicate or get help.

Don’t make your employees work sick or go into the office sick yourself or everyone can go down. Instead actively discourage them from coming in. Today there isn’t much that can’t be done from home if you really want to push that hard.

Of course despite best efforts most Michigan real estate professionals will come down with something for a few days this fall. This is when it really pays to have MyCoordinator helping with your title work. MyCoordinator can do a lot to help fill in the gaps when you or your staff are down, and ensure transactions keep moving forward and deals are getting closed.

If you have tried us out yet, it’s time to find out what you have been missing and how you can avoid giving your competition the edge over the coming months…


Aug 15

Real Estate Wholesalers Find Heaven In Southeast Michigan

Real estate investors looking for a sweet spot for wholesaling properties are finding Southeast Michigan checks all the boxes, and not for the reasons most assume…
Between declining U.S. foreclosures and rapidly rising home prices some real estate wholesalers have been sweating it; and wondering what their next move should be. Maybe it’s time to check out SE Michigan, and all of the benefits is offers for those flipping houses.
Detroit has become somewhat famous for being land of the cheap homes over the last few years, and that means it’s easier to diversify, turn multiple deals and enjoy good sustainable deal flow. That means lower operational costs, and higher net returns, compounded by the number of deals you do.
In Detroit ‘Distress = Dollars’. We’ve all heard the news of the city’s bankruptcy and title as one of the most distressed areas. While we all feel for those individuals, workers and families suffering as a result of this, distress has actually turned out to be great for the South East MI housing market. It has brought in tons of outside capital and spurred serious efforts to revitalize the area.
The worst is over here, and while there is a lot of work to do Inman News and RealtyTrac report Michigan as one of the few states that have experienced foreclosure activity levels returning to historic or below historic levels.
Compare this to other places where foreclosure activity is just starting in earnest with numbers tripling in places like Baltimore. Here values are headed up, and sales are up 50% year over year as of July 2013.
Rehabbing costs can be a lot cheaper in this area compared to other areas like MD where Bloomberg reports the average home requires $60k in renovations.
In Southeast Michigan there is something for everyone. It’s not just about downtown Detroit. Those looking for a higher end product and low crime can look to Shelby Township and the leafy suburbs.
Plus, perhaps most importantly, this is where you’ll find one of the few investor friendly title companies left – MyCoordinatorLLC, where you’ll find incredible help and double closings welcomed.


Jul 25

Why $50k & 82% Profit Margins Are Only A Secondary Perk Of Double Closings

If $50,000 and earning 82% returns is just a perk of flipping houses with double closings, what could possibly be even better than that?

According to a new 2013 Home Flipping Report flipping houses is only becoming increasingly profitable in 2013. Data from RealtyTrac shows an array of housing markets where real estate investors have turned around hundreds to over 1,000 homes in the last six months. One even boasts an average profit of over $51k and 82% gross returns.

MyCoordinator, your investor friendly title service in MI makes it even better with double closings.

Legit double closings mean eliminating risk, shaving thousands in holding, borrowing and closing costs, and of course delivers immediate cash back in your pocket.

Yet, some investors and entrepreneurs might consider this mountain of money they are stacking up simply a side benefit or perk of flipping homes in MI.

How could they possibly?

Yes, this kind of income and wealth building might come with some serious bragging rights, can be great for massaging the ego, and the toys it can buy can make you feel great for a while, but…

Once you hit a certain level of financial freedom and security, the happiness quotient more money brings you really starts to decline. That doesn’t mean slow down or you shouldn’t turn all the houses you can to fulfill your maximum potential and utilize the gifts you have. But, nothing really trumps or even touches the feeling that really helping others in needs brings.

Helping struggling homeowners and families should not be overlooked or dismissed, and the money that real estate transactions put back into the local economy in supporting local businesses, creating more jobs and enabling more people to give back more to build up communities and neighborhoods is priceless.

So MyCoordinator is here to help MI real estate professionals and investors with buying, selling and flipping houses and can accommodate double closings, but more than that we’re here to help all local professionals and business owners to lift up Southeast Michigan to new heights.

Looking forward to helping you with your next transaction soon!