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Nov 21

5 Holiday Time Hacking Tips For MI Real Estate Pros

How can Michigan real estate professionals better bend time to enjoy the best of the holidays while capitalizing on the end of year property rush?

The holiday season seems to start earlier every year, and that’s certainly true now in 2013. The smell of gingerbread is already in the air and commercials and tantalizing storefronts beg for the holiday shopping to begin and sweet treats to be enjoyed.

At the same time the anticipation of a break before 2014 can seem like a fleeting pipe dream for those counting down the days on their calendars. While the weather is cooling, the Michigan real estate market is on fire, keeping many local professionals sucked in like a magnet, not wanting to let down clients and referral partners or miss out on the big boost in income to top of the year.

So how do you find a way to enjoy more of both worlds; freedom and quality time to relax, without burning deals and dollars?

1. Black it out

If you haven’t already black out the time off you want on your calendar – literally. Leave no way to pencil in any activity for those days, whether it is a few hours or the entire month of December off. Then book the flights and hotels and pay for it do that there is no backing out.

2. Automate your real estate marketing

Automating real estate marketing has become easier than ever so there is no excuse for being tied to your desk or mobile device for the next 6 weeks. Put all of your marketing on autopilot with scheduled ads, Facebook posts, Tweets, emails, and blogs.

3. Hire a VA

Rope in some affordable virtual assistants to handle inbound lead calls and enquiries while giving you and your team the freedom to take off to relax and recharge for the New Year.

4. Create new passive income streams

For those Michigan real estate pros concerned they might see a dip in their income or that hope they be able to take a lot more time off next year add new passive income streams. This could be joint ventures with other local real estate businesses and service providers, joining affiliate programs, running ads on your website or blog (in moderation), and of course if you haven’t already, then choose a good passive income and passive wealth building real estate investment or two.

  1. MyCoordinator

Perhaps most powerful and profitable of all; use MyCoordinator to handle your title insurance work, real estate transaction coordination, and closings so that you can get on with what you really want to be doing, while having the peace of mind that your deals are still getting fast tracked and closed on time.


Oct 11

Real Estate Marketing: Are Your Cyber Monday Deals Ready To Roll?

Are you ready to rock with your Cyber Monday real estate marketing campaigns?

With only days to go and plenty of distractions in between, Cyber Monday is coming up fast. For those in the real estate industry this is perhaps the most important marketing day of the year.

Regardless of whether you are still wrangling with Halloween decorations and marketing initiatives, conjuring up menus for Thanksgiving or already planning your December holiday shopping, Cyber Monday cannot afford to be ignored.

Cyber Monday is rapidly becoming the biggest sales day of the year, and we could be on track for a $2 billion sales day for Cyber Monday 2013.

Based upon trends in holiday marketing and going off last year businesses need to be rolling out campaigns almost a month early. This is the perfect occasion for moving more real estate and can be equally prosperous for mortgage brokers, lenders, Realtors, home improvement contractors and real estate investors as well.

The great news is that banking on this occasion is incredibly easy for the real estate crowd thanks to online deals and keyword rich content for capitalizing on surges in web traffic.

This should also be tied in with Black Friday for banking on increased foot and car traffic for open houses, as well as Small Business Saturday which is sandwiched in the middle.  Small Business Saturday is the ideal opportunity to call locals and past customers to support you and to collaborate with other local small business owners.

The time to start planning and developing marketing materials is now. Done right this should be the best weekend of your year, and could earn you the rest of the year off, with plenty of holiday shopping money too!


Aug 08

5 Top Real Estate Marketing Strategies For 2014

The market and game has changed dramatically. Are you using the top producing real estate marketing strategies for capitalizing on the rush and maximizing ROI?

As the Michigan real estate market has surged back to life so has the amount of competition real estate agents, investors and mortgage pros face when marketing their product and services.

There may be a lot of business to go around for Michigan real estate professionals right now, but the playing field will quickly be altered as the few demanding the most from their marketing enjoy the best profit margins and liquidity and choke the competition out of the running.

Just getting some inquiries, leads and closing some deals from whichever real estate marketing tactics you are engaging in is no longer enough. You’ve got to be getting the best bang for your buck.

Multiple shifts in technology, trends and the economy as well as industry players has completely reshaped what is working well and what isn’t over the last 6 months. Those with high hopes for 2014 also know that they need to be lining up leads now, planting the seeds for tomorrow and setting up the funnels that will drive their businesses throughout the next 12 months.

We’ve already seen email marketing, direct mail and cheapskate content marketing tactics take a major dive. So what should Michigan real estate professionals and marketers be engaging in now?


  1. Press releases
  2. Paid Facebook marketing by boosting posts, running ads and promoting contests
  3. Guest blogging
  4. LinkedIn which can still be free but is largely underutilized
  5. In person networking as so many others remain trapped behind their screens